Mar 19

Paulaner Brewery beer at 2015 tailgates!


We’re excited to have Paulaner’s Hefe-Weizen and Oktoberfest Märzen at our 2015 tailgates.  We’re not talking huge quantities, but we’re fortunate enough to be able to bring a case to each tailgate.  As such, most of us still bring a few from home so we can share the Paulaner with new friends.

Jul 25

MLS still a retirement league?

In it’s early years and even in more recent years, many considered MLS to be a retirement league.  What they meant was that MLS was the league where aging soccer stars who were let go by their respective clubs would come to to finish off their career for those last couple of years before retirement. …

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Apr 29

SKC vs Crew – The Tailgate

  A special Sunday game for SKC and hopefully Sundays in KC work out better for the team then Saturday’s in Boston.  We will be doing a Mexican theme for the tailgate meal since Cinco De Mayo is the next day.  If you have a special Mexican themed main dish or side dish, sign up …

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Apr 25

SKC vs Revolution – The Watch Party!

You know the drill.  Another watch party at our favorite Northtown restaurant and bar. See the banner above for the great specials.  Watch party starts at 6pm.  We will see you there.

Apr 17

Weston Brewing Co. back with NNSG for 2014.

For the 3rd season in a row, Weston Brewing Co has partnered with NNSG to bring our members quality brew at our tailgate events.  Weston Brewing Co was first established in 1842 and while having changed names many times in the last 172 years, the quality of beer coming out of Weston MO is as …

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